Graal Systems

Start building your next-generation data platform

Graal Systems is a french software company founded by experts from the world of data in order to solve problems of data processing.

OUR Platform

Graal Systems provides high availability and fully managed infrastructures on demand, controlled and operated by our teams.
We offer you a PaaS platform suitable for any data processing workload with a significantly improved developer and operator experience.
We enable every enterprise to take advantage from its data, in real time and at scale.
Start building your next-generation data platform.
Build, run, and manage you data processing at enterprise scale.
Drive successful analytics and business intelligence with valuable data, thanks to a reliable and agile platform.
graal console

OUR Platform supports more than 30 runtimes

Quickly build, deploy, and scale your data projects the way you want.
Use Apache Spark, Tensorflow, Python, Apache Sqoop, or Apache Beam. Meet rigorous, enterprise-class performance, security, and compliance requirements using a fully managed trust service that handles millions of requests per day.


Enterprise-level SLAs are in place to ensure our customers’ business can rely on us. No setting up and tearing down clusters or dealing with the infrastructure.
Priced right
Pay as you go on monthly fixed fee plans. We don’t charge by the node, but by usage. We provide a predictable opex spend, as you only pay for the use, which eliminates the need for major CAPEX expenditures.
Ability to use consistent tools, experiences, and app models and easily transfer them between the various infrastructure and cloud providers
Develop and deploy apps everywhere while maintaining full flexibility to deploy on-premises to help meet regulatory or policy requirements. No code changes are needed. Help meet requirements for tasks like global auditing, financial reporting, foreign exchange trading, and online gaming.
Workloads are bursty. Large jobs arrive unexpectedly. Lots of small jobs compete for resources. The dynamic nature of workloads, and the need for large amounts of dedicated hardware to support them, suggest that a cloud service is the best economic approach for our customers. We provide access to a large pool of resources, dynamically adding and removing resources according to customer needs.
Proactive Helpdesk
Operational support is an important part of our offering. We not only operate the hardware, but also monitor jobs, help with job tuning, and ensure the software is kept up-to-date with the latest in the fast-changing data ecosystem. Our customers can think of our team of experts as their operations team.


Our solution is used in the public and private sectors to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the most difficult data problems

At Graal Systems, we’ve taken our experiences at the most challengers, to rethink how a data platform should be offered. We’ve developed a purpose-built, petabyte-scale infrastructure that delivers a data platform as a simple cloud service. We then back it with operational support and the jobs you run.

Below are our areas of expertise :

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Financial Services

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