Graal Systems launches the beta version of its Data Platform to accelerate deployment of data projects in any environment

launch graal platform

Graal Systems is a french software company founded by experts from the world of data in order to facilitate and accelerate the production of data projects for companies in all sectors.

>Thanks to its next-generation data platform, Graal Systems provides high availability and fully managed infrastructures on demand. It allows companies from different sectors to quickly implement solutions to the most difficult data problems and to accelerate and boost the implementation of data projects. Indeed, to manage the entire process, the start-up relies on its Graal Data platform. The latter brings together the technologies that make it possible to manage the complete cycle of data, and offers the basis for deploying projects in production.

Deploy (big)data projects quickly
A data project is based on teams, processes and tools. Moreover, its execution must be flexible, innovative and collaborative. In this context, Graal Systems fully plays its role. We offer a platform combining the best technologies available on the data market. Indeed, the platform allows the end-to-end management of a project, from the extraction of the data to its visualization by the end users.

Thus, the “data pipelines” will materialize the circuit and the value chains specific to the projects.

Data Platform features

In addition to integrating state-of-the-art and open-source technologies, the Graal platform provides a production-ready workspace. Thus, it is possible to automate and supervise the entire data cycle. In addition, it allows all teams to collaborate throughout projects.
More specifically, Graal Platform offers a collaborative space allowing teams to industrialize their projects, supervise their activity and collaborate throughout the process. The environments are designed for production with data engineers and data scientists working independently thanks to standards for monitoring and traceability of processing. In addition to having access to turnkey technologies to manage their projects, teams can also add many other frameworks, and orchestrate their data pipelines.

As of today, our platform can support more than 30 runtimes such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Dask, Ray, Tensorflow… and many more!

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