Smart manufacturing has a byproduct.
It’s called profit.

The most innovative manufacturing companies are applying Industrial Internet of Things concepts and technology to transform product development, supply chains, and manufacturing operations. Learn how connecting smart products, engineering, the factory floor, and customer experience enable you to speed time to market, improve product quality, and scale your business while holding the line on costs.

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Use Cases

Connected, Intelligent Products


Connected products are at the forefront of industry, literally reshaping the relationship between people and products. The connectivity these products provide drives customer satisfaction and revenue-meaning your ability to ingest, process and analyze IoT data is critical, as it gives manufacturers the ability to capture data from a variety of sources to see customer feedback and identify manufacturing issues.

Connected Manufacturing


No matter what you make, connected manufacturing is the new gold standard for plant efficiency and increased productivity. Connected manufacturing provides the visibility that allows you to discover equipment failure. Think of it as Industry 4.0-a digital revolution that’s empowering plant managers to take advantage of edge analytics to monitor manufacturing operations in real-time and maximize plant uptime.

Connected Customer Experiences


Companies are under pressure to stay competitive, and often the question is how to take products to the next level. But some of today’s biggest opportunities aren’t about products-they’re about enhancing customer experience. This is where knowing how to leverage Big Data is essential, with a connected, dynamic supply chain that allows you to respond better to customers with 24/7 insight into inventory, and other variables, and to take real-time actions to minimize supply chain disruptions.

Connected Supply Chains


Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your business. Its enemy? Disruptions and delays. Smart manufacturers are turning to Big Data solutions to ensure their supply chains are fully functional and optimized end-to-end. Graal Systems is making it easy for companies to leverage real-time data sources such as sensors, GPS, RFID, and clickstream with a modern data architecture that offers machine learning capabilities and the breadth of open source to power expanded analytic capabilities.

Manufacturing. Now with Higher intelligence

We’re living in an era of digital transformation that’s making incredible things possible—especially for manufacturers. Welcome to the world of smart manufacturing with GraalSystems. Visionary manufacturers are recognizing the opportunity this presents to lead in their industries and get to market faster, with real-time insights that allow manufacturers to do what they previously couldn’t.

Products & Services

IoT enabled service revenues to increase 27.1% from 2015 to 2018 (Forbes)


26.9% CAGR growth in Manufacturing IoT thru 2020 (Forbes)

Supply Chains

Digital supply chains respond 25% faster due to real-time information (Forbes)

Customer Experience

64% of consumers and 80% of businesses (B2B) expect real-time communication (Salesforce)