AI and Analytics for Government and Public Agencies

Whether it’s defending the frontlines, enabling a smart city, or powering university medical research—tapping the transformative power of big data business intelligence is key to better government. A modern data architecture based on Graal Data Platform lets you securely store, manage, and analyze massive amounts of data—in the cloud or on-premises—to discover how to improve services and control costs.


Use Cases

Defend the homeland with the power of data


Whether they roll, fly, or float, defense forces are finding new opportunities and efficiencies through the power of data. Data-driven logistics puts fuel and supplies where needed. Predictive maintenance keeps trucks rolling and aircraft in the air. And security data alerts agencies to cyberattack.

Use intelligence for policy decisions


In federal agencies and state and local governments, a modern data architecture can make enterprise data warehouses (EDW) even more effective while holding the line on costs. You can achieve fast big data business intelligence gains on Graal Platform and move less critical workloads off your EDW to contain costs.

Eliminate fraud and waste


Joint federal and state regulation and administration of programs like Medicaid, SNAP, and TANF creates scale and complexity that hides fraud and waste. Graal Data Platform lets agencies store more big data and process it faster to spot fraudulent claims and identify waste and abuse.

Ensure the safety of citizens


Real-time collection, aggregation, and analysis of security data let you detect breaches from outside the network or from malicious insiders. Graal Platform enables a single view of risks, automates threat detection, and streamlines operations for a speedy response to threats..

Make communities healthier—with smarter services


At University Health centers, Graal solutions let physicians monitor patient data in real time to improve treatment. Hospitals spot trends and reduce re-admittance rates. Researchers can access genomic data for cancer treatment while sharing data for better collaboration and governance.