After working together several years for many companies in the world of data, we came up with the idea of launching the concept of a Big Data SaaS Platform to solve all problems of data processing.

Charles Armataffet
Chief Executive Officer

Charles is the former chief operating officer of LittleBigCode, a company dedicated to Data and IA. Charles also served in senior roles at Meritis, where he directed a multi-million sales organisation, and Matis. He has been instrumental in forging tight partnerships with many leading technology companies. Charles has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from IPSA.

Vincent Devillers
Chief Technical Officer

Vincent is a founder of GraalSystems and an original member of the engineering team that design the first releases of our platform. Vincent serves as Head of Delivery for LittleBigCode, where he leads LittleBigCode’s technology innovation agenda. Working closely with the company’s strategy and research and development teams, Vincent was responsible for leading technology strategy and commercializing the company’s products to accelerate innovation across LittleBigCode. He has also held senior engineering positions in France in various companies, where he developed software for distributed systems and grid/utility computing infrastructures. Vincent was an Apache Hadoop committer and has a master degree in Computer Science from the University of Rouen.

To be announced
Security / DevSecOps / Cloud Expert

Prior to co-founding GraalSystems, he served as a technology leader for many companies. He has successfully led the creation of critical software platforms and is delivering the next generation of cloud services that redefines how GraalSystems leverages technology and science at scale to enable rapid innovation and sustainable product differentiation. He is a veteran of the computer industry having worked at organizations such as Société Générale and Oracle Corporation where he served as a technical leader of the Compliance and Regulatory Products Division where he built applications and system management business from scratch. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

Issame Hamaoui
Data / DevOps / Cloud Expert

Prior to co-founding Graal Systems, Issame served as Big Data, DevOps and Cloud engineer for many European and American large companies such as NXP, IMS Health, IQVIA, Société Générale, Saur and Harris, where he successfully participated in many advanced data projects through various technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, AWS and Azure.
Prior IoT expert at Audi, Issame developed CarDiag : an easy-to-use solution that allows motorists to communicate and diagnose their vehicle easily and independently (identify breakdowns, component wear, battery state, CO2 emissions in real time).
Issame has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the ISIMA IT engineering school.

To be announced
Data / DevOps / Cloud Expert

Prior to co-founding GraalSystems, he was critical in leading, designing and implementing successful large and complex data project on production clusters in different sectors such as Banking, Healthcare, Defense and Manufacturing.
He worked in various technical leadership roles and mostly on architectures. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from CentraleSupélec

our history

Q2 2023
Series A round
End of 2022
Public launch!
June 2022
Private beta launch !
December 2021
Seed funding led by MeltingCode, a dedicated company in Data and IA
November 2021
First deployment of GraalSystems in a private and secured infrastructure
May 2021
4 expert engineers from the Hadoop team at Société Générale, Amundi, IQVIA, Banque de France and Euroclear spun out to form GraalSystems. The company name refers to the Graal, since the holy treasure is the symbol for the quest for excellence and the acquisition of new knowledge.
June 2020
First designs of the platform, meeting with our clients and backlog prioritisation.
January 2017
First ideas of the future of data platforms, with the main objective to find a successor to Apache Hadoop in order to restore agility to our clients' data projects