SaaS public

Public infrastructures of hosts and cloud providers.
The fastest way to start your project!


Infrastructures in your datacenters, secure connection by tunnel or dedicated network.
Our platform, installed on your infrastructure

Private Cloud

Private infrastructures, not accessible from the Internet


Price 0,05 € Per GCU (1) from 240 k€/year from 240 k€/year
Term 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Availability & Response Times
Access Phone and Web Phone and Web Phone and Web
Hours of direct support ** 8 x 5 24 x 7 24 x 7
Severity 1 Response *** 1 Business Day 4 Hours 1 Hour
Severity 2 Response *** 2 Business Days 8 Hours 4 Hours
Severity 3 Response *** 3 Business Days 1 Business Day 8 Hours
Severity 4 Response *** 5 Business Week 2 Business Days 1 Business Day
Services Provided
Specific developments NO NO YES
Installation NO YES YES
Fully managed service YES NO NO
Infinite scale YES NO NO
Shared or dedicated resources Shared Dedicated Dedicated
Training No (community) Yes (15 days training) Yes (30 days training)
Autoscaling & Autotuning YES YES YES
Logs & Metrics Monitoring YES YES YES
Custom Docker Images YES YES YES
Spot Nodes Support YES Yes (depends on the client infrastructure) Yes (depends on the client infrastructure)
Restricted Cluster Connectivity NO YES YES
Connectivity VPN VPN, peering AWS/Azure/GCP Custom
Trusted Execution Environment NO NO YES
Yearly Commit Discounts NO YES YES
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monthly price

Generic (ideal for all usages)

(ratio 1CPU/4GB)

1 Cores, 4GB Memory, 50 GB SSD storage 1.5 54 €
2 Cores, 8GB Memory 3 108 €
4 Cores, 16GB Memory 5 180 €
8 Cores, 32GB Memory 9 324 €
16 Cores, 64GB Memory 18 648 €

Memory optimised (Ideal for anything that needs memory-intensive applications, such as real-time big data analytics, or running Hadoop or Spark)

(ratio 1CPU/8GB)

1 Cores, 8GB Memory, 50 GB SSD storage 2.5 90 €
2 Cores, 16GB Memory 4 144 €
4 Cores, 32GB Memory 6 216 €
8 Cores, 64GB Memory 9 324 €
16 Cores, 128GB Memory 20 720 €

Compute optimised (Good for compute-intensive applications such as some scientific modeling or high-performance web servers)

(ratio 1CPU/2GB)

1 Cores, 2 GB Memory, 50 GB SSD storage 1 36 €
2 Cores, 4 GB Memory 2 72 €
4 Cores, 8 GB Memory 4 144 €
8 Cores, 16 GB Memory 8 288 €
16 Cores, 32GB Memory 16 576 €


(ratio 1CPU/8GB voire 1CPU/16GB)

1 GPU, 16 GB Memory Coming soon
2 GPU, 32 GB Memory Coming soon
4 GPU, 63 GB Memory Coming soon


What is a GCU ?

A CGU is the unit used to measure consumption on the Graal platform. The number of GCUs consumed is based on compute engine size and processing time, with processing time measured on a per-second basis

How long does it take to deploy Graal Platform for enterprise/private cloud offers ?

Our team need 3 weeks to deploy the Graal Platform on Entreprise/Private cloud. This includes auditing the existing configuration, the whole deployment and tests.

How am I billed ?

  • In the SaaS Public mode, you will be charged every month what you really consumed
  • For Entreprise and Private cloud modes. you will be charged each quarter a prorated amount for the license (example: for a 300k€ yearly license, each quarter, you’ll be charged 75 k€)

What payment methods are supported ?

Currently, both Credit Card and SEPA Direct Debit (in Europe) are supported

Can private mode work offline (without any internet dependency) ?


Can Private mode work hybrid (physical servers of the customer + customer Cloud's subscription)


What are hardware constraints for deploying Graal in a Private Cloud ?

Hardware constraints depends on customer expected capacity (Storage, CPU, Network). More information