Marketing and Sales

Big Data Analytics for Smart and Targeted Advertising

Effective advertising is a conversation with your customers—at its highest level, it’s an ongoing relationship based on trust. The best companies get there by anticipating their customers’ needs. The lifeblood of this relationship is data. Graal Platform allow marketers to transform mere customer contact into long term customer relationships.


Use Cases

Mine POS data to identify high-value shoppers


One marketing analytics company specializes in gathering insight at the checkout counter, across many grocers and drug stores. They mine this sales information for basket analysis, price sensitivity, and demand forecasts.

Interactive query helped the company rapidly process terabytes of data to keep pace with a market that changes by the day. Manufacturers, retailers, and ad agencies use the combined analysis to position their brands or improve their retail experiences, particularly for high-value customers.

Syndicate videos according to behavior, demographics and channel


A major omni-media company specializes in home improvement and DIY content distributed across television, digital, mobile and publishing channels. One of its divisions is focused on delivering online video ads.

Both content syndicators and publishers want to make sure that video content reaches the right audience. The company analyzes clickstream data stored to analyze audiences then feed insight into a recommendation engine that improves advertising click-through.

Target ads to customers in specific cultural or linguistic segments


Graal Platform is the leading big data analytics and modeling provider uniquely focused on delivering actionable advertising insights. Rather than store only some transactions from one or two sources, Graal wanted to acquire and save as many transactions as possible from as many different sources as possible.

ETL toy market research data for longer retention and deeper insight


A leading consumer research firm provides consumer intelligence to the toy industry. The market is in a state of flux; there are more new digital options and “real world” forms of children’s play than ever before. The company helps its clients keep pace by delivering weekly point-of-sale (POS) tracking information for competitive insight on toy sales trends. They cover all the major toy retailers for a single view of the marketplace.

Optimize online ad placement for retail websites


The agency’s retail customers can now tell if consumers are clicking on their website while standing in one of their stores. This provides valuable insight to manage “showrooming” behavior where customers visit a store to touch a product and then drive home to buy it online. Retailers can address showrooming without slashing prices, and data in HDP reveals specific tactics for doing so.