Graal Certifications

Certification Program
Graal Systems Certification provides the benchmark in verifying your proficiency with our platform. Each role-based Graal exam assesses your knowledge and skills in working with the platform, from system administration to solution development to data analysis and more.
Graal certification exams are question-based and proctored securely online, and earned credentials are awarded with digital badges that can be socialized on professional forums.
Planned exams
Additional exams to be released include:Graal Certified Administrator
Graal Certified Data Developer
Graal Certified Data Scientist

A Graal Certified Administrator (GCA) certification proves that you have demonstrated your technical knowledge, skills, and ability to configure, deploy, maintain, and secure an Graal cluster.
Graal Certified data developer
A Graal Certified Data Developer (GCDD) certification test the ability of the candidate’s to define and prepare Graal development environments, prepare data for modeling, perform feature engineering, and develop models.
Graal Certified data scientist
A Graal Certified Data Scientist (GCDS) certification focuses your ability to utilize machine learning to implement and run machine learning workloads on Graal Platform. Candidates for the exam are tested on ML, AI solutions, NLP, computer vision, and predictive analytics. You will need to be skilled in deploying and managing resources, managing identities and governance, implementing and managing storage, and configuring and managing virtual networks.