Financial Services

Increase Agility in Financial Services with a Modern Hybrid Data Architecture

Whether you’re focused on consumer or commercial banking, wealth management or capital markets, or all of the above, it’s all about relationships. You’ve got to find, secure, and deepen relationships while lowering risk and assuring compliance. Make your customers feel you know them. Connect with them in the channel they are most comfortable with: mobile, online, phone, or branch agent.

Building trust and confidence increases share of wallet and lifetime value. To achieve that on a global scale, you need to leverage big data and analytics in finance using a proven modern hybrid data architecture platform from GraalSystems.


Use Cases

Increase Customer Retention and Profitability


You already collect and store massive amounts of data. You can use it to increase revenue and share of wallet, but you know you’re just scratching the surface. A modern hybrid data architecture and cloud data management platform from Graal can transform this into reality—in less time and cost—by leveraging your data as it is, where it is.

Improve Regulatory Compliance


GDPR, CCAR, BCBS239, FATCA, Know Your Customer, OATS, Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, CASL… Just a few of an evolving set of regulations demanding compliance. A modern hybrid data architecture from Graal lets you maintain comprehensive audit trails—at scale—while making all your data available for analysis.

Reduce Fraud and Risk Exposure


New technologies to leverage big data and analytics in finance, enable improved risk modeling and fraud detection. A hybrid cloud data management platform lets you implement them faster and more seamlessly for better data-driven decisions.

Implementing fraud detection methods using a hybrid data architecture, lets you deliver faster, more flexible solutions to achieve necessary protections and avoid significant losses. It also provides the information and enables the data science tools you need to reduce risk through risk modeling.

Modernize Enterprise Analytics


Digital delivery creates terabytes of customer data—both data in motion and data at rest. The challenge is to isolate truly relevant data across multiple silos to drive more agile business intelligence.

When enabled by a modern hybrid data architecture platform, data lakes and big data fabrics are a better solution. Faster information about customer behaviors, interactions, and preferences can unlock new revenue and risk modeling opportunities and improve business decision making by isolating and processing only the most relevant information.