Graal Platform

Part of the Graal Systems portfolio, Graal Platform let you run apps in an on-premises environment and deliver data services in your datacenter. As organizations race to digitally transform, many are finding they can move faster by using public cloud services to build on modern architectures and refresh legacy apps. Many workloads, however, must remain on-premises—for example, due to technological and regulatory obstacles. Graal Systems has you covered with broad hybrid cloud options and cloud innovation for all your workloads, wherever they reside.

  • Hybrid by design
  • Enterprise scale and great price performance
  • Deployment flexibility

Use Cases

Projets move-to-cloud​

Prepare the adoption of your new infrastructure by easily migrating your projects to the cloud ​


Lighten your existing analytics systems or mainframes by offloading your workloads to our platforms​

Migration of Hadoop platforms​

Increase the ROI of your data projects and simplify the use of your data platforms

multicloud strategies & reversibility​

Control the excessive dependence on a cloud provider and guarantee the reversibility of your developments


Ensure efficient management of your projects by providing detailed visibility of costs​


Easily access unused cloud computing capacity at a lower cost for your innovation projects​

  • Gain flexibility and control by building modern applications across hybrid cloud environments using a consistent set of skills, services, tools, and processes.
  • Support for Apache Spark, Apache Beam, Apache Flink, Spring Cloud Data Flow…​
  • Job observability: performance, costs, latency, errors, optimizations
  • Backward compatibility for Apache Hadoop*, SAS**…
  • Fine management of resources allocated to projects
  • Access to highly available and scalable infrastructures
  • A hybrid and secure platform​
  • Try Graal Platform for free before you buy
for the data office
  • Better productivity of the teams, who only focus on the code of their projects.
  • Effective management of project costs.
  • Integration into your current data governance ecosystem.
  • Guarantee of being able to ensure the reversibility of projects from one cloud to another.
  • Reduced time-to-market for all your data initiatives.
  • A flexible platform, always able to support you in your innovation projects.
FOR data scientists
  • Native support for GPUs​.
  • Creation, storage and exposition of models……​
  • Support for PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, XGBoost, LightGBM, Dask, Ray…​
  • Better productivity focused on the quality of their code
  • Easier and faster model scaling​
  • Accurate cost and performance management​

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Public infrastructures of hosts and cloud providers.
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Infrastructures in your datacenters, secure connection by tunnel or dedicated network.
Our platform, installed on your infrastructure
Private Cloud
Private infrastructures, not accessible from the Internet

Supported Languages and Frameworks